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2007 Bloggies

January 6th, 2007 (10:07 am)

The 2007 Bloggies nomination form is up. I didn't have something for every category, but I had a few.

Heehee, I did throw a nom for YaoiSuki in the "New Blogs" category, but I know no one else will XD

For best writing in a blog I nominated Gynocrat. Personal stuff aside, I love reading her blog. She has some really funny and usually very insightful content there. (Might be too niche-y to get enough other nominations though, I dunno?)

Nominated Joomla! and LiveJournal for best web app for blogging, BestWeekEver.tv for best entertainment blog, and whatjapanthinks for best kept secret blog.

Next year I hope to nominate a very different site for best new blog and best topical blog. ♥